Thursday, November 24, 2005

I have moved.

Indeed, I have succumbed to the temptations of the dark side, and returned to the blogging sphere.

Visit me at

Don't ask about the address. It's a long story.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Going down.

When I first started this blog, it was for the sole purpose of updating my friends, family & loved ones of my own life. These are the people whom I may hardly see in my lives, but they are also the same people who care about my life, my thoughts.

When I first started this blog, it was intended for private viewing.

But I have since invited strangers into my blog, my life.

I have also invited many other people from my real world, to my electronic world.

Today, I no longer see the need to maintain a blog, because I no longer find the motivation to write for the benefit of people who don't know me. I no find the motivation to write and censor my thoughts simply because there are so many people reading this.

I will be shutting down the blog, there will be no furthur entries.

Perhaps, one day, I will once again open up to invite strangers into my life, I will perhaps once again write on more than what my life is.


But for now, my thoughts remain my own. Private, somewhere else.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The past always manages to catch up.

No matter how much we want to forget it, how much we want to ignore it. No matter what we do, the past always manages to creep up somehow or another.

Like how you go past the block of flats where someone you used to date lives, and wonder how he's getting on, if he's still the way he used to be, or if he has changed his way. You think about the times that was spent with him, and wonder if it was worth it.

Or looking at the Friendster account of someone else, and wonder what life was like with him. You wonder if things would have been different if... Then you wonder also, how life has been for him, in terms of what he's done this time.

You wonder about your ex-es, wonder if they are the same to you they are to every other girlfriend they've had, or you were different. You wonder if he hurts every other girl the way he hurt you. You wonder if the things people say about him is true, and then you wonder why you never saw it in him.

Then that feeling inside just emerges. Isit a tinge of spite? Hate? Jealousy? Or bitterness? Are you glad he's moved on to someone else and happy, or are you wondering if he really is true to this girl he is with now.

And then you look at your life now, as it is, and you wonder if things would have been better if... Then you realise, there is no if, because all that matters, is here and now.

Stop whining!!

For the past couple of weeks or so, one of the hot topics on everyone's lips is that of that Vietnamese Aussie PR who is set to be hung for drug trafficking in Singapore. Here in Singapore, we say, no big deal, people get hanged everyday for trafficking in drugs, and what's so bad about that? It's a crime and you have to pay for it.

Elsewhere, things just aren't as easy. This latest episode brings up yet again another criticism of the Singapore legal system. Capital punishment. Should there be any at all? Many argue no, because it violates human rights and you are basically trying to "play god" because no other human beings have the right to take away the lives of other human beings.

Ok, what if the person committed murder instead? He took away another person's life, and in that process he loses his right to live since he violated the sanctity of someone else's life first right?

Bringing ourselves back into the crime of drug trafficking. Everyday, thousands and millions of lives all over the world are ruined because of drugs and its effects. Who are those culpable and responsible for it? The drug dealers of course, and those who bring drugs to the people. The drug traffickers. If you are involved in the process of ruining someone's life knowing very well the harmful effects of drug-consumation, then haven't you knowingly committed the same thing a murderer has done, and hence has no right whatsoever to live?

Of course, this is a very base argument, exaggerated at certain points. But the fact remains that Nguyen committed a crime that may not be heinous, but a crime that helps perpetuates and encourages the drug problem, especially in this part of the world. So what if you were just carrying the drugs through Singapore and into Australia? Did you not have to come into Singapore to achieve that purpose? Does this not subject you to our laws?

Perhaps when it comes to the legal system, these things are subjective, there are loopholes in the law, many things can be argued. But there are things that can't.

Drugs are harmful, everyone knows that. Even your common panadol or aspirin sold over the counter/off the shelf can be harmful when taken in large doses. Morphine helps to ease the pain of patients but if over-administered can cause addiction in a person. We all know that addiction is a bad word. What more an addiction to drugs? Did you not know you were doing something morally questionable when you were smuggling them? Do you not admit you committed a crime, somehow?

Yes, you did it to save your brother who was in debt (because of his credit card bills, which I heard, were chalked up by the girlfriend), but does it make you any more innocent than you were?

Not to mention the millions of reports everyday, the most absurb being one that Australians were boycotting Singapore because of this issue. These reports bring no justice to the Singaporean legal system. Sure, our legal code may not be perfect, but hey, it does it most basic job, and that is to keep crime rates low and the country safe and secure. Can you gladly say the same for your country? We may not enjoy freedom of press, not much freedom of speech, but we have the freedom to walk out on the streets and night and not worry about being mugged/robbed/raped/molested/gunned down.

Besides, freedom, by whose standards? Yours or mine? Just because you have a different idea and standard of how freedom ought to be, it doesn't mean you can impose it on mine if ours differ.

The man committed a crime, and he should be punished for it. Regardless of whether or not he did it for his brother/mother/wife/daughter/cousin. So stop acting as though he was innocently charged for a crime he did.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Originally uploaded by hecate.

Tried some new flavour from Myojo (some ramen thingy but actually a rival of Indomee's mee goreng in disguise), plus a sunny side up on top. YUMmmm..

Friday, November 11, 2005

7 Things Meme!

Its 0330hours over here and I'm just thinking of going to sleep before carrying on with my revision in the morning. Planning to wake up at 9am and then head down to the lib to do some photocopying. Again. (Serial Photocopier. Me)

Anyway, here's the SEVEN THINGS MEME! *wide silly grin*

Seven things that scare me:
1. Losing my loved ones
2. Losing control of my thoughts
3. Not being able to exercise AkA play floorball anymore
4. Failing my exams and being a complete failure in life
5. Graduating from school and stepping out into the working world
6. Becoming fat
7. Becoming old and senile

Seven things I like the most:
1. Hugs and Kisses and lots of love
2. my iBook
3. snuggling in bed with Andrew (being with him in general)
4. the feeling of being free
5. playing floorball
6. sleeping
7. FOOD!

Seven most important things in my room:
Note: This question is designed to trick people lik e me. Why? Because I live in 4 different places simultaneously: my room @ home, my room @ Kuok, Andrew's room @ RVR, and my table at the Clubroom. :D
1. my iBook, with all my music inside
2. my speakers with the wonderful bass that costed only $35
3. the clubroom desktop! cause that's where all the music & videos come from
4. Andrew's Canon ixus I. Cause i'm a photoslut =)
5. the pillow that stinks. haha
6. my comforter on my bed @ home
7. my sister, for without her, my room would be super neat and super quiet. *wide grin*

Seven random facts about me:
1. I throw my things around, but I have a compulsive need for the workspace to be NEAT
2. I have a weak tummy, even though I eat alot
3. I like to spend money and buy things when I'm in a bad mood
4. I cook, wash, bake, and clean!
5. I check my email every 30 mins
6. I love to read, even my readings. :D
7. I have a compulsive need to check books out of the library every single time I step inside one

Seven things i plan to do before i die:
1. Start my own business
2. Get a driving license
3. Get a boating license
4. Get married and have kids
5. Go on a tour of Europe, especially Spain
6. Tell everyone how much I love them
7. Watch the sunset and sunrise

Seven things i can do:
1. Publish a magazine
2. Run a camp
3. Love everyone around me
4. Be happy =)
5. Sleep for only 3 hours and yet function normally
7. Eat like a pig
6. Not eat at all
7. Play floorball

Seven things i can't do:
1. cycle
2. play the drums
3. go without sleep
4. stop worrying about my loved ones
5. straighten my right knee
6. drive
7. roll my Rs

Seven words i say the most:
1. I'm hungry
2. I want to sleep/The Yongming syndrome has kicked in.
3. Wah lao eh!
4. Hmmm..
5. Orh..
6. Bleh
7. Har?

Seven Celeb crushes:
1. Johnny Depp!!!
2. The garderner who shagged Gabrielle in Desperate Housewives (he's how hot)
3. Eva Longoria (Gabrielle in Desperate Housewives)
4. Daniel Wu!
5. Angelina Jolie
6. Katherine Moennig (she plays a butch on The L Word, damn hot la I tell you)
7. The guy who plays Carlos on Desperate Housewives (I love Spanish men!)

Seven people i'd love to see do this:
Note: I have no idea who I want to do this, so I'll leave it blank, everyone wants to do is welcome!! =)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Dinner at Jeremiah's was great. The food was fabulous, had all sorts of curry; vegetarian, chicken, fish, mutton, had prawns. Half a bottle of wine with Tiff, another half with Sharon. One shot of vodka for Andrew. It's just good.

Revision starts now though, gonna go RBR and then do all the readings at one shot so I can sit down and study for one shot.

Don't think I'll be going home this weekend.